Acknowledge Yourself Game

The Acknowledge Yourself Game

It’s time to acknowledge yourself and feel more fulfilled. I’m feel so guilty of giving myself a hard time. Nothing is ever good enough. I want it to be better and better. I’ve walked off stage having given speeches that people love and all I can think about it what I could have done better. This is a common theme, I do this everywhere. I’ve realised that thinking like this means that I never let myself appreciate the amazing things that I have done. I continue to relate to myself as someone who hasn’t done anything and that just really isn’t true.

The Game

I’ve created a game to acknowledging myself everyday for what I’ve done. It’s had a major impact on how I relate to myself. Every morning I speak to Sophie about what I want to acknowledge myself for. the game is really simple, all I do is tell her what I did well the day before. I start by saying, “What I’d like to acknowledge myself for is…”. 

I acknowledge myself for anything and everything. To give you a few examples, I acknowledge myself for supporting my family, being there for my girlfriend or friends, completing tasks at work and bringing happiness to the world. This process makes me feel so much better about myself and gets me present to the fact that I am moving forward. It also lifts my mood every-time I do it. No matter how much I feel like I want to be grumpy, this process really lifts my spirits and gets me to see the good in the world. After 9 months of doing this everyday, I can really see the results. I never relate to myself as someone who can’t achieve things anymore because I am present to what I do everyday.

How to put this into action?

This game is so easy to play and perfect to add to your morning routine. Fit it into something you do everyday. Do you drive to work or take the dog for a walk – what is something that you do everyday where you could fit in your acknowledgements?

I talk about this a lot but I’ve now created a routine that fits in any habits that I am building. I used to just do this in the shower when I picked up the shower gel. It was perfect and so easy to implement. I’d say out loud the things I wanted to acknowledge myself for (and if I didn’t want people to hear I’d say it in my head).

The point here is that you are training a muscle over time. I run every morning to stay fit, I acknowledge myself every morning to stay happy. If you add acknowledgement to your day for the next 66 days you’ll have a huge shift in how you think about your life. I initially promised a friend that I would do it for a week, and 9 months later, I still do it everyday. It’s become part of my life.


To recap, acknowledge yourself and keep reminding yourself of all the great things that you are doing. It’s a simple, sure fire way to build confidence and satisfaction. If you want someone to do this with, talk to Sophie and she’ll help you track your process.


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