Anxiety and Depression

“Anxiety and Depression ”- Johnny Depp

“With Anxiety and Depression people will cry not because they’re weak it’s because they’ve been strong for too long.”– Johnny Depp.

Anxiety and Depression “People Cry not because they’re weak it’s because they’ve been strong for too long.”– Johnny Depp.

Johnny Depp, 55 is an American actor who has featured in many blockbusters famously known for his breath-taking role in Pirates of the Caribbean. The actor has talked openly about his fight with anxiety and depression which are said to have been triggered by difficulties in both his personal and professional life.

Depression is a mental health illness that results in an individual feeling negatively about themselves, causing them feeling of sadness or a loss of interest in activities that they once use to enjoy.

“I poured myself vodka in the morning and started writing until the tears filled my eyes and I couldn’t see the page anymore,” 

Johnny Depp was believed to have been self-medicating to escape the stress of life and loneliness which was a result of his declining mental health condition. This consisted periods of heavy drinking and allegations of drug abuse. The actor has lost considerable weight as illustrated in photos such as the one taken with fans in St Petersburg, Russia where he looked thinner and significantly paler then usual having lost considerable weight.

“I was as low as I believe I could have gotten.. the next step [for me] was, ‘You’re going to arrive somewhere with you eyes open and you’re going to leave there with your eyes closed. I couldn’t take the pain every day.”

How did he overcome it?

Despite the struggles faced by the actor he was able to overcome his mental health condition. The feelings of anxiety were managed by therapist which helped him to control his mood and emotions. Johnny Depp says he uses films and acting to escape his mental health as acting enables him to get into character and disconnect from his reality.

Johnny Depp is a great success story to share because of what he has achieved in his professional career and what he has been able to accomplish despite how bad his mental wellbeing became and the stigma surrounding such condition especially in Hollywood.  The actor is a true inspirational for millions suffering from anxiety and depression because of the way in which he has been able to manage his condition on a regular basis.

Johnny deep tips on positive mental health consist of relaxation techniques as well as seeking medical advice and therapy.

To read more more about how Mental Health has been successfully been managed by others here is a link to Frank Bruno’ story

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