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Today is Thanksgiving and I couldn’t be more excited!! It is time for family gatherings, delicious food and good conversation. But we all know that family dinners can be tricky. Uncle Joe might make a joke that triggers bad memories or my mom might nag me about getting married. Nevertheless, I have learned in time that spending a beautiful weekend with the people I love is more important than any of that.

When I was little I was so argumentative. It was so important to me to have my point heard and ”win” an argument. My mum spent half my childhood annoyed with me and we could have had many more happy holidays together. It’s only recently that she opened up to me about this too. What I realised is that having a great relationship with people is more important to me than being ‘right’. Now I’m much more flexible with my opinions and I’m so much happier for it. Do you ever find yourself fighting with someone about something that doesn’t seem very important?

Well that might happen this Thanksgiving and you should just remember that being right is not as important as making people happy. We have an exercise for you to help you do that!

Thanksgiving Exercise

Help keeping this Thanksgiving sweet and beautiful. When you feel unsettled by someone, think of why you are grateful for them. What is it you really love about this person? How can you give more to their life? We have sent this exercise to our Smile Tribers and many of them felt much better after doing it. One Smile Triber was grateful for her boyfriend who is helpful not only to her but everyone. He notices people struggles and uses his skills to be of service to people in his life. Others were grateful for their wives for always inspiring them, others for their family who have always supported them growing up.

Use our exercise to celebrate a better Thanksgiving this year


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