The 5am Game

I’ve always loved starting early. They say that the greatest people start early. That’s probably why I like it. I want to emulate great people and I feel like I am giving myself the best chance to be like them. Only 5% of the world are willing to start their day at 5am. I find that […]

The Exercise Game

Why exercise? Exercise gives you an endorphin rush and automatically boosts your mood. I’ve used this little trick countless times over the past few years. At some of my hardest times when I was most depressed or stressed, it really helped me get some space. Pulling on your trainers and heading out the door seems […]

Acknowledge Yourself Game

The Acknowledge Yourself Game It’s time to acknowledge yourself and feel more fulfilled. I’m feel so guilty of giving myself a hard time. Nothing is ever good enough. I want it to be better and better. I’ve walked off stage having given speeches that people love and all I can think about it what I […]

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