Working with Companies

We believe in building habits that create a culture of happiness and connectivity in the workplace. It’s not about wholesale change, it’s about finding an idea or a game that suits a companies culture and inspires people to take actions that increase happiness and connection in the workplace.

Why are happiness and connection so important for businesses?

People want to enjoy their lives and when they spend so much time in the workplace, it is important to people that they enjoy their time there. In order to attract and retain the best talent, companies must create an environment that people enjoy and somewhere that they feel comfortable.

Connection is one of the key components of happiness. If companies can build environments where employees feel more connected to each other, it makes the workplace an enjoyable place to be, whilst reducing the likelihood or people leaving and increasing the output within the business, as people support each other more.

What we do?

We have a number of workshops that introduce games and habits that are simple to add into the working day. We’ve created games that encourage staff to go beyond the obligatory “I’m fine” or encourage positive interactions with strangers. We’ve also introduced the techniques that work for us and countless thought leaders, so that individuals can be inspired to take these into their lives.

Our workshops are fun and interactive, and our aim is not only to build healthy habits for the future, but also energise people in the moment.

Everyone loved the session.

You did such a great job at making everyone comfortable.

Everyone left feeling super positive and continued discussing the sessions.


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