Depression management

“Depression management is crucial”- Sarah Silverman.

“Depression is something I know now will pass and sometimes that all it takes to make yourself feel better.”- Sarah Silverman.

Depression “Depression is something I know now will pass and sometimes that all it takes to make yourself feel better.”– Sarah Silverman.


Sarah Silverman, 47 is an American comedian and actress which has opened up about her struggle with mental health illness from a very young age in particular depression.

“Every breath is labored. You are dying. You are going to die. It’s terrifying. And then when the attack is over, the depression is still there.”

Sarah Silverman in her job as a comedian is known for making fun of the reality surrounding depression. It’s said to be her way of putting a positive spin on the truth of mental illness and giving people suffering from mental health something to smile about during difficult times.

“Depression feels like I’m desperately homesick, but I’m home,” 

Her story

In a recent interview with Glamour she stated that she has been battling with mental health for over a decade. Sarah Silverman first started experience mental health illness symptoms from the age of 13 suffering from regular panic attacks. Since then she has been able to manage her depression by keeping her mind busy and involving herself in a number of projects just to escape the feeling of being alone and loneliness.

“I’ve learned that keeping busy is a good thing for me,”

Sarah Silverman has reflected on her mental illness and inspired her fan base as well as individuals suffering from mental health by staring in a new indie drama called ‘I smile Back’ whereby she plays a woman who at first glimpse seems like she has the perfect life but has been secretly struggling with a mental illness. Sarah is able to use the character in the show to shine a light on the stigma of mental health and depression in particular and bring it into the mainstream. Despite suffering from mental health and managing her depression from a young age she has overcome this and gone on to win an Emmy award for ‘Outstanding Music and Lyrics’. This highlights that if Sarah Silverman can manage and overcome the difficulties of depression anyone can.

Sarah Silverman’s tips for a better mental health: Smile, Laugh, Keep busy, Seek support and medication. To read more more about how Mental Health has been successfully been managed by others here is a link to Johnny Depp’s story

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