The Exercise Game

Why exercise?

Exercise gives you an endorphin rush and automatically boosts your mood. I’ve used this little trick countless times over the past few years. At some of my hardest times when I was most depressed or stressed, it really helped me get some space. Pulling on your trainers and heading out the door seems like the last thing you want to do when you don’t want to do anything or something is on your mind, but it nearly always works for me. The endorphins rushing around my body, as I run around the streets I remember the world out there that is beautiful.

Whether you are doing a 10 minute run around the block or running for hours, it’s such a great trick. Exercise has always been a go to for me when I really want to shift my mood. I used to run for ages. I’d be depressed, fed up or stressed, and my Saturday afternoons would be running out of London along the Thames as far as my body wanted to go. I’d get back in a completely different headspace to when I started. It made me feel alive and remember what I love in the world.

The Exercise Game

Although I rarely feel like need the Saturday morning 3 hour run around London any more, I’ve now added an Exercise Game to my 5am morning routine. It’s the first thing that I do when I wake up. 20 mins of running – I jump / roll out of bed, put my trainers on and head out the door. No matter how much I don’t want to go I feel great when I get back. 

Now the time that you play the exercise game isn’t important and neither is the length, it’s more important that you just play the game everyday. Just set yourself a minimum level, mine is a 5 minute run that leaves me out of breathe – somedays I do much more, but that’s not part of the game. The game is to do 5 minutes.

My exercise game makes me feel amazing. It wakes me up, it gets the endorphins rushing. It really helps get any nervous energy out of my body and it really helps my digestive system. My digestion sometimes can get heavy and this means I go to the loo everyday, and then I feel light as a bird – funnily enough I think this is the best part of this game.

Add it to the routine

I genuinely believe it is the quickest way to lift your mood naturally, without the dramatic comedown effects afterwards. There are so many benefits of exercise it’s crazy. We were made to move. Have a think how you can add it to your routine? When I worked in the City I used to add exercise into my lunch break. I’ve had periods of early morning starts at work where I’ve fit it in during the evening.

What I do know is that if my Exercise Game slips, I don’t have that constant auto-correct that picks me up every morning and after a few days I miss it.
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