The Do What You Said You’d Do Game

The “Do what you Said you’d do” Game

That naughty voice in my head is chatting away: “You don’t need to get out of bed with your alarm”, “It won’t matter if you are 10 minutes late”, “You don’t need to exercise today”. It’s so persuasive, but it’s not your friend. That voice stops you achieving what you want in your life and takes away all your power. I’ve realised that sticking to what I said I was going to do rather than doing what I feel like doing is much more productive and fulfilling – so I created the “Do what you Said you’d do” Game.

Everyone has experienced it, you said you were going to do a new exercise routine for the next month, but its day 3 and the voice is already making 100 excuses as to why you shouldn’t do it. There are two options, you either choose to listen to the voice or you choose to stick to your original commitment. I have learnt that by always sticking to your original commitment, things start to move forward in life. If you are always governed by what you want to do in the moment, then you can never stick to a plan and therefore you can never see things through. Let’s be honest, between that business idea popping into your head and you making the millions you dreamed of, there are going to be a thousand times that your head tells you to “give up”, “take a break”, “try something else”.

The same thing happens with

  • the new diet
  • how you agreed to behave with your partner
  • the exercise routine
  • the job search
  • pretty much everything

Mark Zuckerberg wouldn’t have built Facebook by not sticking at the task, Usain Bolt wouldn’t have been the greatest sprinter ever by not sticking to his training routine, Barack Obama wouldn’t have been President of USA if he’d kept changing what he stood for, my Mum wouldn’t be in an amazing marriage if she had given up after the first disagreement.

This happens everywhere, if you want results you have to stick to the plan. I have a rule now that once I make a commitment I am going to stick to it, unless there is a really good reason why I can’t. If I can’t stick to the commitment then I am clear to communicate exactly why with all of the people around me. I want them to relate to me as someone that does what he said he was going to do.

How this impacts my life?

  1. The more I practise this the more I get used to making things happen. I know that I am going to deliver results and it makes me achieve more. Before I started completing what I committed to, everything overwhelmed me because I wasn’t sure if I could deliver. Now I still get nervous, but I’m proving that I can do things over and over again, and it happens more easily.
  2. What I’ve also noticed is that people relate to me as someone that can make things happen. People around me follow through on objectives because they know I will follow through on mine.
  3. Perhaps the biggest advantage is the peace of mind it gives me. I don’t feel guilty for not completing something because I do what I said I’d do, or I communicate that I will not be doing it. I used to be constantly feeling like I was letting people down because I hadn’t completed what I said I was going to do. That’s a horrible feeling and I like not having that feeling.

Playing this game has really helped things happen in my life. I’m more effective at business, I have more fun in my personal life and my relationships work better. You should try it, see how it impacts your results.

It’s a game I’m constantly perfecting, but that’s the best thing about games. You can always get a bit better.

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