Mental Health is important to talk about

Mental health is important to talk about.

Mental health is important to talk about.

Mental Health
“Mental Health Is Important.” 


Open up about your own mental health experience

This article will discuss the importance of sharing your mental health experience. Firstly, opening up about your own mental health experience can help break down the stigma that surrounds the illness. There are a number of benefits attributed to having a conversation for people who are feeling distressed or are suffering from mental health. It can be such a difficult period in their life. Nevertheless, having someone to talk to is important as its these little things that make a big difference to an individual’s confidence.

Talking out your experience

Talking out your experience of mental health is good for the person dealing with the mental illness. It prevents them from worrying and stops the growth of the feeling of being worried. It can also help a person identify what is wrong and allow them to take the right steps to get support with their mental health condition. We sometimes feel it’s easier to talk to friends and family about our mental wellbeing. It allows individuals to express their negative thoughts and feelings in confidence allowing them to make a positive change. However sometimes family and friends do not understand our problems leading us to seek professional help.

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An article published by the New Well Being Trust and Hopelab which surveyed individuals aged 14- 22 and highlighted that:

“We know definitively that teens and young adults readily seek support online to deal with mental health. We must meet them where they are and figure out how to provide appropriate care, in whatever shape or form that may look like for them” – Benjamin F. Miller, PsyD, Chief Strategy Officer

Furthermore, it helps as enables you to learn about yourself as well as allowing you to sustain and strengthen relationships with the people you are speaking to with which in turn is beneficial for your mental health.

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“2 in 3 people will experience will experience a mental illness in their lifetime.”

Therefore, it’s important that to note that it’s only once speaking about your mental health/illness that you can get help. Its key that the person listening should listen attentively and make no judgement and focus on the persons need at the same time, by reassuring them and ask what would help them. Lastly the more people that speak out against it the more that mental health can be understood.

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