mental illness

“Mental illness has taught me to seek help”- Frank Bruno

“Mental illness has taught me to seek help”- Frank Bruno

mental illness

Mental illness has taught me that there is no shame and no harm in saying you need help,”-Frank Bruno.


Frank Bruno, 56 is a former British professional boxer who has been sectioned three times in the past 12 years due to a mental illness outlining his long-term struggle with Bipolar- disorder. He is a household name who is known for famously going head-to-head with Mike Tyson in his successful career. However, he admits his biggest battle was not any of his boxing oppositions but with his own mind.

“I was in there five weeks but it felt like five years. It is harder than being in the ring.”

His Story

In 2015 Frank Bruno was readmitted into a psychiatric ward after relapsing having been suffering from Bipolar which worsened and caused him to feel isolated and depressed. Frank has since then been on a solid road to recovery having been discharged from hospital. Frank attempted to overcome his batter with Bipolar disorder by taking his medication regularly and doing everything the medical staff and doctors asked of him. Additionally, he picked up the habit of 4,00 press ups a night and spiritually reconnected with God through prayer.

“Mental illness can affect anyone, whether you are the heavyweight champion of the world or you’re working in a shop,”

Frank won 40 professional fights to be crowned world champion in September 1995. Nevertheless, Franks biggest achievement in battling with Mental health was to become the Mental health ambassador.

“Now I don’t feel ashamed to say, Yes I needed help.”

Mind a mental health charity which has teamed up with The Smile Tribe states one out of four individuals in the UK will experience some sort of mental illness each year and one out of six will experience a mental health problem in a given year.

“For a long time there was a big stigma surrounding it and no one talked about it. But thankfully that has started to change, although there is still a long way to go.”

Lastly, Frank has patterned up with Normal Lamb to campaign on improving the suffering of individuals who suffer from both Bipolar and from depression.

The year 2018 marks the year that Frank has been off medication for Bipolar for three years and he states this long recovery is due to his strict regime, eating well and a positive outlook with success.

To read more more about how Mental Health has been successfully been managed by others here is a link to Mark Ferris

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