You don’t have to live with hopelessness, unhappiness, panic, worry, fear, anxiety disorders, feeling under pressure. You didn’t come here to live a life of survival.

You came here to make the most out of life – to live a life you love. A life full of amazing relationships and family, pleasure at work, peace of mind around finances, confidence in all situations, with power and self-expression everywhere.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help people live lives they love by putting a positive and fun spin on mental health.

We believe that we can teach ourselves to have great mental health, and there are two keys to doing so:

– Build a lifestyle full of habits that support good mental health

– Teach ourselves the tricks to keep our thoughts positive and powerful.


What we do? 

We are an incubator that works on different projects that support people’s mental health. Our first projects are :

– Smile Tribe Presents : our events and workshops promoting awareness, teaching methods and introducing games to improve your mental health.

– Sophie AI : our coaching app that gives people the opportunity to talk out their issues and get coaching at a price and a gift .

To support all of these we run a blog with everything we are learning and have a monthly newsletter with all of our latest tips packaged up in a bitesize chunk.