Smile Tribe WhatsApp Workouts – Data Protection and Privacy

What is Sophie?

Sophie is an automated message system, you can share your voice note in total privacy as no one is listening. Sophie is not a human replacement and will not respond to you directly.

How we use your personal data

This service is totally confidential. Here is what happens with your data:

1. You share voice notes on WhatsApp.
2. Your voice notes are received to a central Smile Tribe office phone, and are stored on WhatsApp.
3. Only your assigned coach(s) will listen to the voice notes in order to improve Sophie’s training and service for you.
4. This information is totally confidential. Our coaches will never share this with anyone.
5. WhatsApp is encrypted and un-hackable, even by the US military!!

All your personal data is confidential. Personal data won’t be shared to third parties and will be protected under the General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (

All data is stored via Whatsapp, where end-to-end encryption is always activated.


Sophie does not provide therapy or professional care. If you are in an emergency situation or you believe you have a medical condition, it is recommended that you speak to your doctor.

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